The Book

Surviving America’s Financial Abyss

Need two jobs, maybe the wife too, just to enjoy life as your parents did? Misled by rosy unemployment and financial market strength figures, today’s average American faces an abyss of rising intertwined financial difficulties, aware of some, but likely unaware of most. This abyss threatens their ability to earn a comfortable living in the future. Most seem not to comprehend the depth of what is happening to the traditional idea of working and earning a living. First and foremost, this book seeks to create an awareness of these issues, since without awareness a person can’t prepare for what they face. The book goes on to outline those skills valuable to successful entrepreneurs and why this skill set is important to anyone facing career uncertainty. Finally, because nearly 40% of the US workforce is now engaged in some form of part- or full- time independent work, and their numbers are growing, the very basic ABCs of earning money entrepreneurially are discussed.