The Author

Currently Professor in the Drexel Charles D Close School of Entrepreneurship and a Trustee of the National Arts Program Foundation.
• Management of R&D at United Technologies Research Laboratories and technology-based start-ups. Over 20 scientific papers published/presented.
• Built TFX Aerospace to over $600 million with operations in 10 countries.
• As vice chairman, helped build Teleflex Inc, to a $ 2.2 billion global provider of goods and services with over 130 operations in 21 countries.
• Founded Global Advisors LLC providing counsel in technology assessment and global business strategy.
• Served as CEO and chairman of Indivers BV (the Netherlands), a private venture fund focused on entrepreneurs.
• Acted as advisor to OTB BV (the Netherlands) and the Aerospace Industries Association Board of Governors.
• Served as director of more than 20 organizations in 7 countries.

B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from Washington State University, Trinity College and the University of Connecticut, respectively and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

• 1994 Named Pennsylvania Innovation Network Entrepreneur of the Year for service to small enterprises
• 2017 Invited to be the inaugural “Charter Talk” speaker, The Urgent Need for Entrepreneurship Education in High Schools. The National Conference of Charter Schools, Washington, D.C.
• 2017 Schulze Award for Outstanding commentary publication “Entrepreneurship Education Must Start Before College”.
• 2018 Schulze Publication Award in Teaching and Education: “How New Solo Entrepreneurs Can Think Through Their Finances”.

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