Book Reviews

  • We want to give a copy to each of our three sons to appreciate the perspectives.  Not too early to have the information filter on down to the grandchildren from there.

    A truly important work!

  • A “MUST” read book – very informative and necessary if your starting a new career. It was a quick read with more value in each page than one can imagine. Right on “point”. I’ve been in business over 50 years and still came away with new and useful information RT Green. (5/5 stars)

    A “MUST” Read Book

  • Surviving America’s Financial Abyss is very well written The author’s presentation clearly describes the educational challenge facing today’s high school and college students.The 100 pages are filled with practical steps and sources of more information. Dr Carriker’s real world examples clearly illustrate the seriousness of the challenge and the urgency of a new approach …

    Very Well Written

  • Carriker takes the abyss to a new level. His perspective, facts and anecdotes take you to the bottom of technological and societal changes that have taken aim at higher education. But he also offers a way back from the abyss for his readers. A must read for educators, entrepreneurs and disciples of disruption! (5/5 …

    Carriker Takes the Abyss To a New Level

  • In “Surviving America’s Financial Abyss,” author Roy Carriker describes the economic trends toward a future which for many people will be increasingly financially unsustainable. He suggests a path to deal with these trends in order to earn a comfortable living in America’s growing gig economy. Stagnating wages is driving the growth of gig economy. …

    Entrepreneurship is About Taking Charge of One’s Life

  • I enjoyed reading this book very much. It gives an overall view of the financial conditions in US and very useful tips on how to take control and become the entrepreneur of your own life. I think it is a book for everyone to read regardless of their age and profession, but more critical …

    I Enjoyed Reading This Book Very Much

  • This book provides a concise look into some of the current financial and social condition facing society and provides some practical solutions. (5/5 stars)

    Provides Some Practical Solutions

  • This book is a must-read for any person attempting to navigate their career in today’s Gig economy. It provides useful ideas on shaping curriculum around the precise skills that will help ensure future success. Dr. Carriker offers a sobering view of the inadequacies of today’s education system and practical ideas to improve it. A …

    A Short and Powerful Read!