Entrepreneurship is About Taking Charge of One’s Life

In “Surviving America’s Financial Abyss,” author Roy Carriker describes the economic trends toward a future which for many people will be increasingly financially unsustainable. He suggests a path to deal with these trends in order to earn a comfortable living in America’s growing gig economy. Stagnating wages is driving the growth of gig economy. Growth in productivity not matched by growth in wages, robotic automation and the adoption of artificial intelligence result in the need for fewer workers for many traditional jobs. It is increasingly difficult for one wage earner to support his or her family. Even some two wage-earner families struggle financially. Carriker presents a compelling case for developing entrepreneurship skills to successfully navigate the current and future nature of the economy, where more and more people will need to create their own future, and not rely on providing labor for somewhat else. Entrepreneurship is about taking charge of one’s life. Carriker provides the roadmap to do so. (5/5 stars)

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